Plasma Rich Growth Factors – Hair loss and skin rejuvenation.

PRGF For Hair Regrowth – by Laura Davies

Hair loss or hair thinning is not something I have ever had to worry about. With an abundance of extremely thick hair it might seem bizarre as to why I decided to treat people who are suffering with various types of Alopecia. I trained many years ago as a Dental Nurse and have seen the profession develop beyond belief. Moving with the times and for personal reasons I went on to train as a Counsellor and obtained my degree. I specialised in helping phobic dental patients make it into the chair which was extremely satisfying. I also worked for the NHS as a Counsellor until I was struck by bereavement.

Part of my training lead me to qualify as a phlebotomist in order to take bloods for patients who were having PRGF treatment for dental procedures. For years, I have been blown away by the incredible results PRGF has in oral surgery and keen to learn more about its uses in medicine and cosmetics I contacted BTI (The Biotechnology Institute, the founders of this pioneering technology).

Under the wing of BTI and Needle Concepts I went on to train in mesotherapy with a view to applying the technology to promote hair re-growth and for skin rejuvenation. I have some very close friends who have struggled to come to terms with hair loss and thinning, both men and women. Although it is far from being a life-threatening disease, the psychosocial impact of hair loss can provoke stress and a significant decrease in quality of life.

So how does it work?

Plasma Rich in Growth Factors (PRGF) is a technique used to regenerate bone and soft tissue using a small amount of your own blood. The plasma, which contains all the healing and stem cells is separated from the blood and injected using a special pain free method into the scalp. PRGF permits the body to take advantage of the normal healing at an accelerated rate. The platelet-derived growth factors function to assist the body in repairing itself by stimulating stem cells to regenerate new hair growth. The more growth factors released into the area, the more stem cells simulated to produce new anagen hair follicles.

For best results we advised a minimum of three treatments four to six weeks apart with an annual boost to continue to stimulate growth factors to prevent further hair loss and to stimulate new hair growth.

The treatment is safe, convenient and non invasive. It takes around an hour to include preparation and treatment. There are some patient’s we cannot treat (this will be discussed at an individualised consultation) but they are few and far between.

Red Carpet Facial

Our most luxurious facial, ideal for a big event – wedding, graduation, big Birthday!

What is a Red-Carpet Facial?

The Red-Carpet Facial @ Aesthetics Shrewsbury, is our signature facial. It combines the power of cryotherapy and AlumierMD luxury medical skin care products for both professional use in surgery and at home. Also known as ‘Frotox’ due to its ability to tighten and smooth the skin.

Cryotherapy cleanses and massages the skin using targeted jets of cold (liquid Co2) which gradually lower the temperature of the skin to around 4’c. This is called Thermal Shock. The body’s natural response to rapid cooling causes an immediate increase in the flow of oxygen and nutrient rich blood to the area.

This non-invasive procedure exfoliates dead cells, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and promotes natural collagen production, skin hydration and overall sense of wellbeing.

The Red-Carpet Facial is perfect for all skin types even sensitive and breakout prone skin types closes pores without reactions or further breakouts. It’s especially effective on skins with inflammatory conditions like acne and rosacea.

What to expect during treatment?

The treatment is over 2 sessions 2 weeks apart and last for about 45minutes each time. Your skin is thoroughly prepped and cleansed to remove makeup, moisturisers and any toxins that are naturally present on the skin. Once the skin is clean and dry the cryotherapy machine (KaasenLife by Trucryo) is used which sprays dry Co2 over the face to reduce the skin temperature and allow thermal shock/Cryolypolisis to occur. It’s noisy and very cold but not uncomfortable. Unlike other facials it’s not the most relaxing experience the results are worth it.

We then apply an Enzyme retexturing treatment (mild achemical peel) which is massaged onto the skin to aid lymphatic drainage, moving along all the toxins and tension in the facial muscles. The Enzymatic Peel is a highly effective exfoliator that combines 10% lactic acid with fruit enzymes bromelain and papain to exfoliate dead skin cells and promote skin renewal, minimizing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. Aloe vera extract calms inflammation and redness, while sodium hyaluronate, vitamin B5 and gluconolactone hydrate and soften skin for a supple and radiant complexion.

Finally, the skin is treated with AlumierMD Ultimate Boost Serum which is a lightweight serum that boosts hydration and enhances the skin’s natural hydrolipid barrier with sodium hyaluronate and niacinamide (vitamin B3). Skin will be left soft, smooth, firm and hydrated – illuminous!

Is Cryotherapy safe?

There is a risk of ‘frostnip’ – damage to the surface layer of skin which is not permanent, but we prevent this by keeping the device moving at all times. The KassenLife device has lasers fitted that are able to detect the skin temperature in real time and is programmed to cut out if the temperature falls too low. Ultimately Cryotherapy is non-invasive and risks are minimum.

What to expect after treatment?

Immediately after treatment your skin may be a little pink – this is normal and usually clears within a few minutes.

We encourage you to drink lots of water to encourage the toxins out of your system efficiently.

You will also be given a customised AlumierMD kit containing full size skin care products depending on your skin type and needs which we will ask you to use every day. The kit comprises of three simple steps – cleanser, serum and sunscreen.

Your skin will look immediately radiant – Red Carpet ready! Over the course of the two weeks following treatment the immediate radiance is met with incremental improvements – reduced pores, reduction in fine lines, firmer skin and an overall glow.

Follow up care.

A further treatment as described above is carried out two weeks later and you are encouraged to continue with the home care until the products run out – around 3-4months. Your skin will continue to improve following this boost leaving you with a clear radiant complexion.

Fat Freeze

More information on one of our most popular treatments.

How does Fat freezing work?

The treatments are powered by cryolipolysis – a medical treatment used to destroy fat cells. A device called KassenLife (by Trucryo) sprays liquid Co2 (dry spray) which is extremely cold onto the skin causing thermal shock. The thermal shock causes apoptosis or cell death of subcutaneous fat tissues.

Does is hurt and what are the risks?

Treatment doesn’t hurt although the cold can make it a little uncomfortable, some people say it feels ‘a little spiky’. While the risks are minimal there is a risk of ‘frostnip’. The KassenLife device has built highly sensitive temperature sensors which indicate to the practitioner what temperature the skin is at all times and should the temperature fall too low the device automatically cuts out so the chances of trauma are minimal.

How many treatments do you need?

A minimum of five treatments are recommended for best results. On your first appointment, we talk through all the risks,complete the consent and discuss which areas you are concerned about. If you are medically able and wish to go ahead that day we can do this, your following appointments are made between 2-7 days apart. Appointments are thirty minutes but treatment time is much less than this depending on the number of areas being treated. The treatment is non-invasive and there are no limits to how many you can have.

How long do the effects last?

You will see a change immediately after treatment -the skin will feel tighter and firmer. Throughout the course of treatment this will continue. You will need to drink a minimum of 2ltrs of water a day to encourage the toxins out of your system. The targeted fat is destroyed for good but even with liposuction if you do not maintain a healthy diet/lifestyle there is the risk that you will reproduce more fat.

What areas can be treated?

The KassenLife device can target both small and large areas with ease including; stomach, back, arms, thighs, buttocks, jawline/chin, breast.

How much does it cost?

A course of five treatments cost £250