How it Works

Tattoos have been a part of many cultures across the globe since the Neolithic times. Many A list celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, David Beckham and Johnny Depp share the western world’s passion for them. However, they don’t always go to plan or turn out how you’d imagined them. That’s where we can help!  

When a tattoo is done, the skin is punctured and inks are injected into the dermis layer of the skin. Due to the stable nature of the dermis, the ink particles are too large for the body to break down, so when placed there they will be pretty permanent.  

Laser tattoo removal is basically what it says on the tin! It’s a process whereby a laser light is passed into the dermis layer of the skin and the pigments are broken up into smaller pieces that the bodies white blood cells can remove more easily.  The ND Yag laser delivers a high energy over a short time (nanoseconds) causing rapid heating to those ink particles , this means the heat and energy is delivered where its needed and not to surrounding tissue. This minimises the risk of healthy skin damage, reducing the risk of scarring.  Unfortunately yellow and white tattoos are near impossible to remove due to them being so very close to skins natural pigment.

What Makes Our Service Different?


Laser treatments are our passion here at Aesthetics. We specialise in their safe and effective use. We offer treatment from two different types of laser. We have Q switched ND Yag lasers , which the evidence suggests are the most effective laser for fading and removing multi coloured tattoos. It is also the safest, due to the short pulse of energy that is delivered.

Clinic owner Janine trained at the Lynton Clinic, a UK leader in Advanced Laser Aesthetics. Combine this with a knowledge of health and medications and also in the way the body heals and repairs we feel we have the edge!!

We as a team will never treat you if we have any doubts. Some medications interact violently with laser treatments and as safety is our utmost concern we will always refer to a GP if we discover anything we’re unsure of at the consultation stage.



Laser Tattoo Removal FAQ

Laser tattoo removal can be painful, yes. Some people feel more pain with it than others. More pain does not necessarily equal a quicker/ better result. It should not be unbearable and your practitioner will alter the laser settings so that removal is optimised but not unmanageable.  

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This is a difficult question to answer. Even the most experienced of practitioner cannot tell you how many sessions it will take to remove a tattoo. Nor can anyone say for sure whether it will be removed completely. Tattoo removal requires a commitment and perseverance from the owner into removing it. Cover ups and more heavily pigmented tattoos will be harder to remove. Your own health, skin type/colour and how well you follow aftercare instructions will all play a part in how many sessions it takes. You practitioner will try and give you more of an idea after the consultation and first session.  

Consultations and test patches are free.  Minimum cost for a very small tattoo per session is £60.  Your practitioner will be able to give you a more itemised ‘per session’ cost at your consultation stage. 

Common side effects are blistering, pin point bleeding, some swelling and potentially some lightening of the skin. Your practitioner will ensure you are informed of all after care procedures and your lasered area will be covered post treatment with a sterile dressing.  

Yes. AVOID ANY sun exposure to the area for 30 days before hand. You cannot have laser tattoo removal on any area with an active tan, this includes the use of self tanning products (fake tan).  

You will be given a printed out sheet of after care instructions, these include NO sun exposure to the area and application of spf30+ for 30 days afterwards. We also recommend a sterile dressing and after your shower applying aloe vera gel to the area with a clean hand.