Baldness or thinning hair is distressing for both male and females of all ages. It affects over half of the population and until now, the best way to replace hair was with hair transplant surgery, which is invasive and expensive.

At Aesthetics we use Plasma rich in growth factors (PRGF) to regenerate hair in a natural and non invasive way. PGRF is a biomedical technology developed by a company called BTI, who are a Spanish biomedicine and biotechnology multinational company with a presence in 25 countries. They are leaders in Plasma Rich Growth Factor technology and as a company they are keen to lead with research, development and innovation in this area.

Growth factors are proteins found in the plasma and in the platelets in our blood. They play a vital role in the processes of repair and regeneration of your bodies tissues. They can also be regarded as the signals the body uses to inform cells when they need to grow, differentiate or move to repair damage in any area.

Using this revolutionary autologous treatment, we can use your own body’s plasma (blood) to initiate growth and rejuvenation of existing hair cells. This treatment stimulates the renewal of blood vessels and renewal of the hair itself with incredible results.

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